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Les Châteaux

Name: Brancion
Travel time: 15 minutes
Internet website:

The largest fortified construction in South Burgundy, renowned for its past history. Castle, XIIth century church and an exceptional point of view on the Grosne valley.
Name: Sully
Travel time: 90 minutes
Internet website:

Birth place of famous general Mac Mahon and a wonder of the French Renaissance, Sully and its towers mean French history. Local wine tasting and vegetable garden visit.
Name: Cormatin
Travel time: 20 minutes
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Louis the XIIIth most somptuous residence preserved in France (1628). Castle on a 12 acres park. For Lamartine (well know French poet), Cormatin was "a place of attration, art and delight".
Name: La Ferté
Travel time: 3 minutes
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Spendid XIIIth century abbey located on a majestic english park whose original foundations were built in 1113 by St Bernard. La Ferté was one of the most important "sistercienne" architectural style abbeys.
Name: Berze
Travel time: 35 minutes
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Massive medieval fortress facing the Solutré rock which you'll be able to climb too. Erected between the 13th and the 15th century around its carolingienne style chapel.
Name: Couches
Travel time: 70 minutes
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Imposing castle on a rock spur, erected during the Xth century it became a fortress during the XIIIth century. A majestic dungeon, jail cells tower, a drawbridge, fortifications and tunnels illustrate its middle age past and combative spirit.
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